A game with code and graphics under 48kb

I recently bought a little program that emulates a “console/computer”, but this computer never existed to begin with.

It is called PICO8 and its main selling point is that you have to make a game under heavy constrains. For an example, it has only 16 colors, a sequencer to compose music and a very simple audio synth that makes me remember the old commodore 64.

I’ve made some little code and tests on it, and it sparkled my desire to try something like that in javascript. So… why not?

The (as of now) rules:

  • 48KB max size
  • Using some game engine(I decided to look at melonjs and phaser
  • Using a sequencer(no mp3 or ogg) I am looking at ToneJS
  • Using the same palette as pico8
  • The libs for melonjs and ToneJS doesn’t add to the 48KB size limit.