List of game dev resources

Throughout the year I’ve been in an always-learning process while making my game and interacting with a lot of incredible individuals in many fields. I’ve also experienced quite a lot of game engines, frameworks, courses, books and all-things related to game development, be it the game-design side of things, the marketing, narrative methods, scripts… So, I’d like to help people with a kind of list of some of the resources and individuals that I found really helpful overall.

The list is of course, handled in a loose way, with no particular order, and I am very prone of forgetting things, so I do plan on updating and correcting it to do justice to all of the content.

Basic tools:

Codeacademy’s git course GIT is everywhere in gamedevelopment, and for a very good reason. It is good… or should I say, invaluable to learn it as it will save your ass for the rest of your gaming carrer.


  • GameFromScratch: Would be nice if we could find a site that had reviews, analysis and info about engines, important news and entire series dedicated to study a single engine/software. Well, this is it… or as close as we can humanly get.
  • Extra Credits: With really indepth and intriscit analysis about the market, game design, mechanics, animation and everything related to the medium.This channel is a gold mine.


GDQuest: This is a channel and community headed by Nathan, a freelancer game artist with a terrifc painted art-style. It is an impressive collection of material related to game design, teaching and giving tips about art in specific. He gives advices about softwares, workflows with great quality content and a methodology that would make some teachers feel ashamed. 2DGameArtGuru: Another great resource for anyone hoping to learn make art for games. The author focuses on vector drawing and uses Inkscape, giving really good insights on how to create effective and modular art. -   Character animation - Creating 2D Special FX in Inkscape - part1

HeartBeast Games: HeartBeast focuses on gamemaker and pixel art tutorials. - Let’s pixel series

Ache bit: Another awesome source for inspiration and tutorials on pixel art CtrlPaint: Not strictly focused on games, but one of the best free resources on the web for learning to draw and paint.


Jorge Rodriguez: One of the most difficult things for me was the basic foundation of programming, as I am badly self-thaught, a lot of times I struggled(and still do) with things that could have been solved way faster if I had the foundation and programming-background. Well, this channel is filled to the brim with videos and examples about math and programming concepts related to games. Vectors, movement, physics, you name it…

Engine specific


Sebastian Lague: Stumbled upon his videos when I was looking at unity and to this day, he really impresses me with his tutorial series about unity and also 3D character creation and animation. He has material that can only be considered a complete course, from start to finish on how to model and animate a character, how to use it in unity, an entire series dedicated on first-timers with the engine and more…

Godot Engine

Jbat1Jumper’s erythrina: For beginners who would like to jump straight to a project to learn, I can’t recomenda enough this tutorial series. It teaches godot’s node system, interface and the actual nodes being used, in a very beginner-friendly way.

Andreas Esau: Andreas has developed not only a series about Godot Engine but also plugins for the tool itself. He is also the author of the Cutout Animation Tools, a plugin for blender that makes it possible to create modular 2D animation based on bones, like spine or spriter, but completely free and open source.

Game maker

HeartBeast Games: As mentioned earlier, HeartBeast focuses on gamemaker to create games and also teaches concepts and mechanics in a very clear way.


Derek Yu - Spelunky: This is a nice insight on the creation of this indie hit. For me it was really motivational reading Yu’s background before developing Spelunky, the challenges and the much needed focus if you’re an indie.

If you know any good source for learning gamedev related things, drop a line in the comments!